Connecting Cultures, Staying Safe Abroad

After reading the book, Koreans should feel confident about going to America, making American friends and avoiding dangerous situations. Traveling and living in another part of the world is one of the most amazing and unforgettable experience you will have and this book will get you ready for that. (Dynamic Busan, 2016)

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한국에 오기 전, 그는 호신술 전문가로 NBC 뉴스, 뉴욕타임즈, 월스트리트 저널 등 다양한 미디어에 소개됐다. 이 경험을 토대로 한국 대학에서 영어와 미국 문화를 가르치는 수업을 진행하면서, 책을 구상하게 되었다. (Hello! 부산, 2016)

Danny Kessler, founded “Angels with Attitude”, which holds self-defense seminars for women

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Danny Kessler, the founder of ‘Angels with Attitude’ teaches women about personal safety.

(The Wall Street Journal, by Shelly Banjo)

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