You better fix your pronunication…

    You know, Koreans are very judgmental about pronunciation, do Americans care about perfect English pronunciation?한국인들은 영어발음에 굉장히 예민한데요. 미국인들도 영어발음을 중요시 하나요? Well, they might tease you a bit, but that feedback is the best way to learn. However, you must be careful with certain words and make sure you pronounce them correctly.발음이 [...]

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You should be paranoid in America

    In America, you have to be a little paranoid in big cities. 미국 대도시에는 특히나 주변상황에 더 신경 써야 해요.Why is this? I remember when I was traveling into San Francisco with my girlfriend on the train and we were about to get off at the central station in San Fransisco and this [...]

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Hookup Culture in America

    How did this hookup culture come to be? Hook-up 문화는 어떻게 생겨났나요? Hook-up 문화 = 한국말로 썸 관계+성관계 Well girls used to look for Mr. Right, the guy with the promising career, the hard working man who is nice to his mother. 여성들은 원래 안정적인 직업을 가지고 열심히 일하면서 부모님께도 잘 하는 남자, [...]

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Sexual Jealousy in America

    I remember I was having coffee with a former student and she was telling me about her experience dating a guy when she was living in New York City and how that compared to Korea. 예전에 제가 가르치던 학생이랑 커피를 마시는데 그 학생이 뉴욕에 살 때 사귀었던 미국 남자친구와의 경험을 한국 스타일과 비교해서 [...]

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What you need to know before you go

  What is some things Koreans should know before they go to America? 미국에 가기 전 알아야 할 것들이 있다면요? Make sure when you buy your airplane ticket.. and you are filling out the information, your first name is your given name and your last name is family. So if your name is Juhee Park, [...]

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American Law is King

  A few years ago my friend was drunk and peeing in public near a school, a police officer came and arrested him. He had to hire a lawyer because the police charged him as being a “sex offender” 몇 년 전, 제 친구가 밤에 술에 취해서 학교 주변에서 소변을 보고 있었는데 경찰관이 자신을 성범죄자로 [...]

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Plastic Surgery Differences

    What are some other cultural differences about beauty standards between Korea and America? 한국과 미국의 '미美' 에는 어떤 차이점들이 있을까요? Oh this is always a hot topic with my students! '미美' 에 관한 이야기는 항상 핫이슈 에요! American women show cleavage, the same way Korean women show off legs. 일단 한 가지는 미국 [...]

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Don’t Lend Money To Americans

        You have a chapter called street smarts, what is that? 책에 'Street Smart' 라는 챕터가 있던데, 어떤거죠? Street smarts is the ability to READ people so that you avoid danger and don't get scammed. This is different than book smarts, like getting a high score on a test. 'Street Smart' 은 [...]

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How To Avoid The Korean Bubble

        In your book, you talk about the Korean bubble? What is that 책 내용 중에 ‘코리안 버블’ 이라고 있던데 그게 뭔가요? The Korean bubble is when Koreans travel to another country and they only spend time with other Koreans. ‘코리안 버블’ 이란 한국인들이 다른 나라에 있을 때 한국인들 이랑만 어울리는 걸 [...]

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How To Fit In With Americans

        How can Koreans fit in, in America?? 어떻게 하면 한국인이 미국인과 잘 어울릴 수 있을까요? Americans are easy to get along with, you just have to understand some cultural differences. Americans first and foremost have respect for people who are the best. If you are the best in something, Americans will [...]

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