My Philosophy of Education

  In Chinese, there is a phrase, 富不过三代 “Fu bu guo san dai,” which translates to, “Wealth does not survive past three generations.” The first generation lives in poverty and suffers, the second generation builds [...]

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What you need to know before you go

  What is some things Koreans should know before they go to America? 미국에 가기 전 알아야 할 것들이 있다면요? Make sure when you buy your airplane ticket.. and you are filling out the information, [...]

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American Law is King

  A few years ago my friend was drunk and peeing in public near a school, a police officer came and arrested him. He had to hire a lawyer because the police charged him as [...]

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Plastic Surgery Differences

    What are some other cultural differences about beauty standards between Korea and America? 한국과 미국의 '미美' 에는 어떤 차이점들이 있을까요? Oh this is always a hot topic with my students! '미美' 에 관한 [...]

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Don’t Lend Money To Americans

        You have a chapter called street smarts, what is that? 책에 'Street Smart' 라는 챕터가 있던데, 어떤거죠? Street smarts is the ability to READ people so that you avoid danger and [...]

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How To Avoid The Korean Bubble

        In your book, you talk about the Korean bubble? What is that 책 내용 중에 ‘코리안 버블’ 이라고 있던데 그게 뭔가요? The Korean bubble is when Koreans travel to another country [...]

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