Study Abroad Research

  Benefits of Studying Abroad for Korean Students  by Bogue Hermsmeyer & Danny Kessler     Topic: Studying abroad benefits students from all countries, both for language acquisition and cultural awareness. Problem: An overly competitive [...]

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You better fix your pronunication…

    You know, Koreans are very judgmental about pronunciation, do Americans care about perfect English pronunciation?한국인들은 영어발음에 굉장히 예민한데요. 미국인들도 영어발음을 중요시 하나요? Well, they might tease you a bit, but that feedback is [...]

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You should be paranoid in America

    In America, you have to be a little paranoid in big cities. 미국 대도시에는 특히나 주변상황에 더 신경 써야 해요.Why is this? I remember when I was traveling into San Francisco with my [...]

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Hookup Culture in America

    How did this hookup culture come to be? Hook-up 문화는 어떻게 생겨났나요? Hook-up 문화 = 한국말로 썸 관계+성관계 Well girls used to look for Mr. Right, the guy with the promising career, the [...]

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Sexual Jealousy in America

    I remember I was having coffee with a former student and she was telling me about her experience dating a guy when she was living in New York City and how that compared [...]

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My Philosophy of Education

  In Chinese, there is a phrase, 富不过三代 “Fu bu guo san dai,” which translates to, “Wealth does not survive past three generations.” The first generation lives in poverty and suffers, the second generation builds [...]

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