About Danny Kessler

Danny Kessler is an English teacher at Youngsan University and a self-defense expert. He is the founder of Angels with Attitude, a company dedicated to promoting women's personal safety. His company has been mentioned on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and Fox News Online, and in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of Angels with Attitude: The Socially Intelligent Woman's Guide to Personal Safety and Travel: A Korean's Guide to America. He is currently living in Busan, South Korea and researching his next book on East Asian food culture.

Don’t Lend Money To Americans

        You have a chapter called street smarts, what is that? 책에 'Street Smart' 라는 챕터가 있던데, 어떤거죠? Street smarts is the ability to READ people so that you avoid danger and don't get scammed. This is different than book smarts, like getting a high score on a test. 'Street Smart' 은 [...]

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How To Avoid The Korean Bubble

        In your book, you talk about the Korean bubble? What is that 책 내용 중에 ‘코리안 버블’ 이라고 있던데 그게 뭔가요? The Korean bubble is when Koreans travel to another country and they only spend time with other Koreans. ‘코리안 버블’ 이란 한국인들이 다른 나라에 있을 때 한국인들 이랑만 어울리는 걸 [...]

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How To Fit In With Americans

        How can Koreans fit in, in America?? 어떻게 하면 한국인이 미국인과 잘 어울릴 수 있을까요? Americans are easy to get along with, you just have to understand some cultural differences. Americans first and foremost have respect for people who are the best. If you are the best in something, Americans will [...]

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The Most Interesting Chapter In The Book

        What chapter was the hardest to write?어떤 챕터가 글쓰기에 가장 힘들었나요? The chapter that was the hardest and most interesting to write was the dating differences chapter. The dating differences chapters concepts were so difficult to explain. 제일 힘들지만 제일 재미있었던 챕터가 바로 'Dating Differences' (한-미의 데이트 차이)였어요. 개념 자체가 설명하기에 [...]

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American Tipping Culture

      What happens if you don't tip the waiter or waitress at a restaurant? 만약 미국 레스토랑에서 웨이터/웨이터리스한테 팁을 주지 않으면 어떻게 되나요? In America, not tipping the waiter at a restaurant is like yelling at an older person in Korea. American's just don't do that. Waiter and waitresses are paid very low [...]

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Major Dangers In America

    What is a major safety issue for Koreans in the US?미국에서 한국인들이 알아야 할 중요한 안전 문제는 무엇인가요? A major safety issue for Koreans in the US are bus stations and train stations. These places can be dangerous.미국에서는 버스 정류장이나 기차역이 위험한 장소가 될 수도 있다는 거 에요. Why are they dangerous?왜 그런가요 [...]

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Cultural Differences In Beauty

        Do Americans have different beauty standards than Koreans? 미국과 한국의 미의 기준은 다른가요? It is funny you ask that, I was just reading an article the other day about this app that is really popular in China that changes the photo and makes your skin look whiter. 미의 기준 얘기를 하니까 [...]

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What is Reverse Culture Shock

      What is the chapter Reverse Culture Shock about? 'Reverse Culture Shock (역 문화충격)' 챕터는 어떤 내용인가요? Many of my Korean friends spent time other countries so I wrote this chapter for them. 먼저 이 챕터는 다른 나라에서 살아본 경험이 있는 제 한국인 친구들을 위해서 쓴 거에요. If you ask a fish, how [...]

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Why You Should NOT Drink Coke

      My friend just came back from America and she gained a lot of weight. Why do Koreans gain so much weight in America? 제 친구가 얼마 전에 미국에서 귀국했는데 살이 엄청 쪘더라고요. 한국인들이 미국에 가면 도대체 왜 이렇게 살이 찔까요? I always tell Korean my students be careful when you are in America. [...]

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What Is Germaphobia

      In your book you talk about Germaphobia, what is that? 책에 'Germaphobia(세균공포증)' 에 대한 내용이 있는데 어떤거죠? It is fear of germs or bodily fluids. 세균이나 체액(눈물, 콧물, 기침 등)에 대한 공포증이라 할 수 있어요. Why do Americans fear this so much? 미국인들이 왜 그렇게 우려하는 거죠? I am not sure why, [...]

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